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Those who know me from my high school days may remember that I was a big fan of hip hop and at some point in time I even wanted to be a radio DJ at University – Racism made sure that dream died an early death. Anyway this post is not about my lack of musical talent but about the video of Nigerian born UK based rapper Big Cakes called Brothers in Africa.

I met Big Cakes about 4 months ago at the streetfest festival and he bought a Kayobi Sweet Mother shirt, what I remembered most about that encounter was him mentioning that the was a rapper and that if I hooked him up with tees he would ‘Shut down Peckham’. Well I told him I would have to checkout his stuff first as I had stopped listening to Hiphop for years due to vulgar content that depleted my brian cells and aggrieved my spirit. I mentioned i preferred Gospel Hiphop ……….. After the event I thought that was the last I would hear of him but I have come to understand that Big Cakes is one determined brother. He sent me a link to his street soldiers video – but I was not impressed with it, not because he could not rap but simply because of the usual content I despised about todays rap/hiphop. Again I told him I could not hook him up as I did not agree with his content. Yes I know some of us Christians can be sooo self righteous – lol

Anyway a month or so passes by and even though Big Cakes lost my contact details he some how tracks me down on twitter and tells me he finally has a track I would not moan about. The track was called Brothers in Africa and he wanted to wear Kayobi Shirts in the video. He sent the track to me and I listened to it and it and enjoyed it and felt the content fit with my brand but it was surprisingly short. So i agreed to go to the shoot which was an insightful day.

Here are some pictures from the video shoot by Elaine Bandele

Well back to the story – The reason why the snippet sent to me was sooo short was revealed on the day – Big Cakes being the smart
Nigerian (no offense) that he is and knowing I would complain about swear words decided to send me a version that omitted a few expletives at the end of the song.

Initially i was upset for a few seconds but I learnt allot on the day

1) Not everyone believes in Jesus like me and so you cant be too hard on folks and expect people  to conform to your moral standards.                                                                                 2)He showed allot of consideration and respect to send me the edited version and even though the 419ned me I respect him for that.                                                                                 3)As christians it will be impossible not to work with or even support people who do not believe in what you believe and I myself realised I had set unrealistic standards about who I would work with depending of what they stand for.                                                         4) I also learned  if I don’t spend time  building genuine relationships with people who don’t believe/understand what my faith is about then how are they ever going to find out what I confess to be the best thing in my life.

Due to this experience I am learning to be less judgmental as I am only saved by GRACE and not because I am some two goody shoes – far from that I have sins that I struggle with like everyone but I believe God will help me prevail.

OKAY DRUM ROLL – enjoy the video and tell me how many shirts you spot

Welldone Big Cakes and everyone involved in the video p.s the fly ladies clothing is by Kenama and Co  – Google them.

Peace Kwabena

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