Class is in session: “Super Alphabet” by Twi Teacher

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“Entuma swaggaa!!”. Many may know him for his freestyle on Kanye’s “Otis” beat but now Twi Teacher (@Twi_teacher), a Ghanaian rapper based in UK, is back with a new banger joint that will blow up the streets of London and Accra City.


After #OxfordGhanaDictionary, Twi Teacher makes us take notes again with his Super Alphabet. In a never done way the rapper takes listeners starting from letter A and rapping to Z, and then from Z back to A – all in twi !!! #thisiscrazychale …but pay attention: some letters don’t begin any words in twi!

The single is taken from “Kurasini Mixtape” (literally “The bush boy Mixtape”) which is coming out in March. Can’t wait till release date??? Then take a listen to Twi Teacher’s first mixtape “Twi 101


…hey remember: F is for Fufu ! #makefufunotwar



About the author Theophilus:

Theophilus is the newest member to the Kayobi blogging team.
His interests are  Africa and the Diaspora.

About himself: Human Being. Italo-ghanaian college student and music lover.  ”I am an African, not because I was born in Africa but because Africa is born in me” (Kwame Nkrumah).

We at Kayobi hope you enjoy his first post and many more Theophilus.

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