A Sunday with les Sapeurs

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In Accra they would be called “borgas” but in Brazzaville they’re known as “Sapeurs”. The Sapeurs are Congolese dandies whose life’s philosophy is translated into aestheticism and they represent a cultural affront to people of the older generation, who speak of authenticity and anti-colonialism.

While the European fashion is moving forward, taking inspiration (and stealing) from Africa, these Congolese fashionistas, inspired by “le style parisien”, are going backwards trying to emulate an European chic style – #ohchale !!

Mr. Yves Saint Laurent, a well known Sapeur, is one of the main characters of Dimanche à Brazzaville (Sunday in Brazzaville), a documentary directed by Enric Bach and Adrià Monés.

Plot outline: A young radio talk host, Carlos La Menace, unveils in his weekend show three figures of Congo’s capital, Brazzaville. The Sapeur Yves Saint Laurent, surrounded by extreme poverty, chooses elegance as a way of life. Cheriff Bakala is not a usual rapper. Mixes hip hop with Congolese folk, and uses local instruments, such as drums made up with water cans. He’s about to record his first album in a country with almost no producers. Finally, Palmas Yaya, Brazzaville’s wrestling champion is relying on voodoo to defend its throne in a crucial moment of his life…

Dimanche à Brazzaville will make its U.S. premiere at the 27th Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF). Watch the teaser trailer below.


Photo Credit: Daniele Tamagni and Hector Mediavilla


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