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So for the record, I’m in Ghana. I’m sitting rather uncomfortably at the food court section of the Accra mall waiting for one of my favourite friends in the world; Yaw to show up for our lunch ‘date’. But he’s late….two hours to be exact! I thought he knew me well but i guess he didn’t get the memo that read ‘Elsie does not do lateness’, amongst other things. I have forgiven him though.


There is really no point of making a mountain out of this issue. After all, the whole concept of GMA (Ghana man time) is one not just endorsed by Ghanaians in Ghana but even by Ghanaians in the UK! Ok, so maybe not every Ghanaian. However, i can count all the number of times I’ve rushed to go to a Ghanaian friend’s wedding or christening in the UK only to get there and find out that i was there really ‘early’.

I would like to think that that attitude speaks volumes ….not just about my friends per say, but as a nation and our lackadaisical, easy-go-lucky attitude on nearly every facet of our lives. But hey, that’s what makes Ghana, home. Home. That word which causes me to flinch….home. I guess i am home.

One of my favourite Adinkra symbols is ‘Sankofa’. The literal meaning of Sankofa is ‘to return and get’. But there is more to Sankofa. Sankofa means learning from one’s past. So i guess, at this point in time, that’s exactly what i shall be doing.

Hence on subsequent posts, i will be sharing some of my experiences of being in Ghana with you guys hoping that they will, somewhat provide you with a new insight into what ‘home’ is really all about. For those of you from Ghanaian backgrounds, this will be like a breath of fresh air. After all, who better to tell a tale of Ghana than someone who is authentically Ghanaian herself?

For those of you are non-Ghanaian but African, your experiences of being African will definitely resonate with some of mine. And lastly, to those who perhaps have no real foretaste of what being a Ghanaian or African living abroad feels like, i humbly invite you on this trip.

I’m that as a result of these posts, you’ll perhaps begin to see Ghana and Africa in a new light. That you will have a somewhat paradigmatic shift in our existing theories and ideologies n what being truly Ghanaian or African is all about. Check this….Not all Ghanaians/Africans home or abroad are poor, or subject themselves to the poverty mentality (fact).  Not all Ghanaians/Africans home or abroad are religious, (heck, some are atheists!). Not all Ghanaians/Africans home or abroad feel akwasi broni is all that (ouch!!).

But hey, since i claim to rep Ghana to the max(yellooo!), let me just reiterate  that they didn’t call us the ‘Gold Coast’ for nothing. We are made of pure gold. We love hard. Work hard. Play hard. So allow me once again to invite you on this journey.

Sankofa……let’s go!

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Elsie is one of the new members of the Kayobi blogging team:

My name’s Elsie and i write. um, i’ve been writing since i was fouteen i think. i write on pretty much everything; music, art, fashion, religion…but my strength is in poetry. Im originally from Ghana but i reside in the UK.
Im very passionate about all things Africa(everything about me screams africa, lol) and i love music and fashion.
i have a personal blog on facebook i recently started called StrictlyFosuism


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