Uprising Ghanaian filmmaker: Frances Bodomo

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Daughter of the Diaspora. You sure can’t say she’s not an Afropolitan; grew up in Ghana, Norway, California and Hong Kong, Frances Bodomo is a Ghanaian filmmaker based in New York City.

Majored in Film Studies at Columbia University and now MFA student at Tisch School of the Arts, Nuotama Frances Bodomo can be enlisted in the array of Afropolitan filmmakers and artists who recount the African experience by crumbling the single story of Africa and bringing “Africa to the forefront of international discourse”.

Recently the Ghanaian filmmaker has successfully collected the fund for her latest project Boneshaker, a short film about a Ghanaian family who travels to a Pentecostal church in Louisiana to deliver their daughter from a spirit. Unfortunately, the family realise how difficult it is to perform a traditional ritual away from Ghana, their home.

In Frances Bodomo’s words: “This film is just about a group of people, people like me, who have spent their life constantly in motion, constantly moving and can never, no matter how long you stay in one place, feel like you’re an insider. You always going to be the outsider, it’s a permanent status in your life and that, to me, it’s a beautiful thing”

Boneshaker will come out in May. We can’t wait to see it !!

While waiting, watch Our Secret by Frances Bodomo. [WARNING: End credits contain flashy things. Please do not watch them if you are epileptic]



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