One Ghana for your pocket…..

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One Ghana for your pocket…..

Due to the hectic schedule i have before i depart for Kumasi on Friday night, i decided to ‘hire’ a taxi driver to take me wherever i needed to go. When i informed my aunt of the plan, she nearly went into a fit! ‘Eh, na sister, ad3n?’ ‘It will be expensive papa! My response to that was that i hated the hustle of taking one taxi, getting off and then taking another one. Plus there was no way i was taking a trotro (i mean I’m not uppity but chale, why would i want to do that eh?). On our way to Osu, the driver; Nii Ayi and i begun to have a rather interesting conversation about the youth and money.  I guess this was precipitated by the fact that we had just heard E.L’s song ‘one Ghana for your pocket’ on the radio. Now here’s the thing right; i love that joint…but not Nii Ayi. He seemed frustrated about the fact that ‘Ghanaian youth don’t know what to do with their money’. I told him that wasn’t necessarily the case.

Now that I’m home and have gotten a chance to reflect on the conversation the driver and i had, i realise that Nii Ayi was partially right. Firstly, despite what changes contemporary Ghana has made in the lives of the 21st century youth, i feel that for the majority of us, whether in Ghana or abroad, we still earn our money the hard way i.e. working our fingers to the bone.  Sometimes, we complain about the injustice associated with completing university with a summa cum laude or magna cum laude only to be paid peanuts in our professions. Ever heard of the phrase, ‘it’s not what you know but who you know? Well, welcome to Ghana.  That is not to imply that i condone sakawa boys and their practices or azonto girls per say, but i guess i do sympathise with them a little. Of course there are those youth who have managed to do everything by the book and are reaping huge benefits. They are the ones who are definitely living it big in Ghana.

Lest i forget, did i mention that Nii Ayi earned a cool 40 Ghana cedis for the day? Well, i guess he has no reason to be vexed at E.L. Seriously Nii Ayi, how much is one Ghana cedi worth anyway, huh?

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