Trashy Bags: creating something from nothing

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“God created man out of dust, Trashy Bags creates bags out of plastic waste„

Makola Market, Ghana, West Africa. Touring the largest market of the “Ɔdehye Ɔman Kronkron” you can feel the smells and the colours of Accra. The cadmium red of hot peppers, the strontium yellow of  Maame Serwaa’s multi-coloured clothes, the dark spring green of  fresh arugula leaves and the carbon black of plastic bags; the countless polythene bags used and overused every day by sellers and customers.

The former give you as many bags as the products sold: a ball of kenkey and a succulent fried fish don’t end up in the same “rubber” (the Ghanaian way of saying plastic bag) but in two different ones; the latter, instead of keeping the bags for the next shopping, throw them in the dustbin and eventually the black polythene bags go to the landfill and frame the almost desolate site.

Unfortunately, Ghana isn’t only facing a “black plastic” threat; in fact the “white plastic” menace is even bigger. It is estimated that one in two Ghanaians consume at least one water sachet per day, that means 12 million sachets which equal 42,000 kilos of “white plastic” waste per day!! Oh I forgot…plastic take over 400 years to biodegrade and only 2% of the plastic waste is recycled!! #OH!CHALE

Deciding to tackle this miserable and threatening situation and sensitize people about the plastic waste menace, Stuart Gold began Trashy Bags in 2007, believing  that “a solution to the very serious problems of land pollution that we experience in Africa should not be sought from government alone.  It is up to each and every one of us to take care of our environment for the betterment of ourselves and especially our children”

Trashy Bags is an NGO and social enterprise based in Accra. They make more than 350 different styles of bags and other accessories, and all the products are made from the water sachets waste. In addition to being stylish, useful and coloured, the products are recycled and eco-friendly!!

Stuart Gold was able to found a company which has empowered Ghanaian people, reminding us that only Africa can save herlself.


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