A Vals’ Day Preview…..

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It’s less than a week before Valentine’s Day. I’m so excited for no apparent reason. I don’t know if it’s because i know I’m getting fresh, sweet-smelling red roses or because like Monica sang, ‘I’ve got love all over me’. Either way, people don’t hate. No matter how you feel about love or Valentine’s Day, please don’t cramp my style (lol).

       I’ve realised in the last few years that I’m such a sucker for romance…i write love poems, love stories, for goodness sake i wrote my marriage vows when i was 19! And since I’m a huge music fan, i was overjoyed when i heard this album; Closer by RnB veteran Joe. One word; PURE BLISS….my favourite cut has to be this one. Hope y’all like it!!!


Joe – Closer (2011) – YouTube



Elsie Acheampong is a British-Ghanaian writer, poet and blogger. Her interests are i Africa, christianity, fashion, art and African culture. She has a personal blog on facebook called StrictlyFosuism and can be contacted on nkontobeanie@yahoo.com


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