Kenya’s “spectaclar” self-made artist: Cyrus Kabiru

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“Kanye West’s shutter shades ain’t got nothing on this„

If African originality, creativity, ingenuity and dopeness were enclosed in a diamond, Cyrus Kabiru would be a facet that reflects the essence of these ideals.

Through his skillful hands, the transcendental principles materialize in the curved and angular lines of his artworks which, each of them, tell a story. The stories of Cyrus Kabiru’s creations don’t only address African folk but his art speaks for everyone and to everyone.

Once you wear Kabiru’s artistic and innovative spectacles, the C-Stunners, you are projected into a new perspective of reality where even the smallest and most insignificant object is able to communicate with the immanent art, making you feel a new Epiphany. For instance, the “Dark Continent” stunners makes us understand that “the misconception about Africa being a dark continent continues”, and “only by looking into the continent, is when you can determine what is good or bad. Just like this pairs of stunners, only you can determine what is dark or not-thus the Dark Continent”

Cyrus Kabiru’s genius is not only translated into being a self-taught artist, thus refusing the artistic canons imposed by the professors, but his talent has the capability of creating art that has “a certain energy and playfulness that really captures the sensibility and attitude of a youth generation in Nairobi.”

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