Mr. Hagan presents: Rotten Jollof (A West African Funk Mix)

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 “Rotten Jollof – the dish is served

Mr. Hagan has come up with his first in a series of mixes Rotten Jollof . Nothing is missing in this delicious plate of classic West African jams: all the ingredients are on point and the salt (the heavy basslines) makes the mix even more enjoyable.

Rotten Jollof is a healty dish that you have never tasted: Mr. Hagan intentionally avoided the most popular tracks.  Check it out because man shall not live by fufu alone, but by some “Rotten Jollof” as well.

Is it me or the piano in Sister Act’s “The Teacher Song” sounds exactly like the bassline in “Wait For Me” by Roger Damawuzan (at 13.12) ? Let me know!

Rotten Jollof (A West African Funk Mix) by Mr. Hagan


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