Luol Deng reps the Motherland at All-Star Game

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“It’s not where you fromit’s where you at!”

Forget about Kobe who has passed Michael Jordan as top All-Star scorer; forget about Durant who has won the All-Star MVP; forget about CP3’s alley-oops to Griffin and, above all, forget about Nicki Minaj’s performance – #ohchale!
My favourite highlight from last night – one of the most “hamletic” nights in my life: All-Star game or Oscars: that was the question – was Luol Deng holding up his t-shirt repping Africa !!

Luol Deng, born in Sudan and raised in UK as a refugee, is the first African perimeter player ever to be selected to the All-Star Game and he didn’t miss the chance to prove to the kids back home that no matter where you came from, you can make it: “it’s not where you from, it’s where you at”.
“And I just felt like I didn’t want the kids to just see it and just go by,” Deng said. “I just wanted them to remember where I came from and get something out of it.”

This honourable gesture, however, wasn’t well received by NBA: Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng could face sanction for breaking the NBA dress code and wearing a t-shirt in support of Africa, but Deng replied: “If I get fined, I’m OK. To me, what I did is worth it for me.”
As a matter of fact South Sudanese All-Star didn’t nothing wrong. “If you look at the T-shirt, it’s not of anything. I’m not advertising anything,” Deng said.

Unfortunately, due to a fall on his injured left wrist, Luol Deng played only 6 minutes but as he stated: “being selected and recognized as an All-Star meant a lot more to me than what I was going to show or do tonight on the floor.”

Props again to Luol Deng for proudly representing Africa and not forgetting his roots! #VIM !!

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