The Bead Test

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Right at the beginning of the year, i wrote an article about waist beads. The response i got from it was pretty overwhelming i must say but even more surprising were some of the comments i received. Some people seemed ‘annoyed’ that i was writing about something i have never tried before (honestly, i hadn’t, at the time) and others just sided with me that waist beads and their use are purely psychological.

I decided to put myself to the test in what i called the bead test. Basically, I’d have wear the waist beads i bought from Ghana, every day for three weeks and later see if my experience with them would alter my views.

The first time i wore them, i felt weird. I felt somehow more conscious. I wore the waist beads to work, i had them on when working out, i wore them to bed, in the shower, you name it. The beads were on my waist and there was no way i would take them off (or reveal them, lol). Yet. Till….Valentine’s day. It was in the evening and ‘the dude’ came around (oh, dude is the euphemism i have for my significant other, *wink, wink*). He took me out for dinner somewhere in central London and in one of those lovey-dovey moments he grabbed my waist. Wrong move! When he looked at me with a surprised look on his face, i honestly had no idea what he was on about. See, i had gotten so comfortable with the beads but when the dude started rubbing my lower waist, i felt the beads. Actually, we both did (agyeii!)I had to confess right there and then….and as if that wasn’t bad enough, i felt it loosen. Yep, tiny, tiny beads started falling below my feet!! Talk of embarrassing moments!

So yes, i wore the beads and survived. The ‘dude’ thought it was super sexy and wished he had had a chance to see them on me properly (of course, any man would want to see his woman with waist beads on, duh??) but to me, it served no real purpose. It did not enhance my curves(I’m already curvy enough, thanks) but i have to agree with friends and family that actually, had i worn them as a baby or toddler till my adult years, they would definitely have made a difference to my waist line. Now, even though, the waist beads are gone, i do sincerely miss them…they became a part of me. Who knows, maybe someday i might wear them again but for now, i want to be beads free. A couple of days ago, ‘the dude’ (yes, he is a pest!) asked me to check out this video. Any guesses why? Check out this video by Nigerian crooner, Michael Word…



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