Dr. Yaba Blay: “The Obroni Factor”

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 “Free your mind, colonial mentality”

Racism, “euphemism” for White supremacy, is one of the most misunderstood concept of our society. According to Africana Studies Scholar Dr. Yaba Blay, it’s not a problem of some individuals but the foundation upon which modern society has been built.

The foundation of a social hierarchy where White represents the top whereas Black represents the bottom; where White embodies all things pure, good and beautiful whereas Black embodies all things contrary to the “white values”. #ohchale !!

Now, if it’s true that the racist creates the inferiorized, then you can undoubtedly affirm that the colonizer creates the colonized, and eventually the colonial mentality which yokes the colonized’s psyche. This mental oppression isn’t only a genotypic character, which dwells in the souls of some black folks, but it phenotypically manifests when a person decides to bleach his or her skin.

That’s exactly what is happening in Ghana, where Dr. Blay conducted her research on skin bleaching Ahɔɔfe Kasa! : Skin Bleaching and the Function of Beauty Among Ghanaian Women. Ghanaian women, those who suffer for colonial mentality, have made “the lighter, the better, the prettier” their dogma, believing that lighter skin is strictly connected to wealth, power and social status; in other words: the top of the social hierarchy.

“Although the British colonial regime may have physically left Ghanaian soil in 1957, in 2012 their legacy of White supremacy remains” Dr. Yaba Blay said.

No one will deny that it’s a distorted perception of reality, but that is what the “obroni” factor is all about: believing that whiteness is better than blackness.
What’s the cure of this disease? I personally don’t know. But we can start alleviate the symptoms removing the 60-foot billboards of skin bleaching product on the street of Ghana.


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