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   Just recently, my god brother was born. It’s been one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had so far this year. I like to fuss around him; i treat him he is made of pure gold. When he yawns, i smile really big and when i hold him, it’s the perfect feeling in the world. I just love him (awwww!!!)

I once told a friend that there was no point in living if one didn’t learn how to enjoy and appreciate the simplest things in life. In this ever-changing world we live in, often at times, we take for granted some of the simplest but most amazing experiences. For instance, taking a walk by the beach, sleeping, watching birds in the sky, making love in the rain, you name it. So whilst for me, welcoming my baby god brother into the world was HUGE, when was the last time you laughed? I mean, laughed like there was no tomorrow? When the last time you allowed yourself to let go in someone else’s embrace, when was the last time you said hello to your neighbour?

I’ve come to realise that life is really, what we make of it. It is a choice to live and not just exist. Life is really, really short. So today, i urge you to let go of some of those boundaries. Learn to love. Wholly. Fearlessly. Unashamedly. Do something new. And lastly, learn to thrive not just survive. Remember, life can really be beautiful!  It’s just up to you to paint it so…..

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