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      There was a time in my life, when i used to describe myself as a rookie when it came to matters of love. I was naive, unsophisticated and pretty much dumb about relationships. I’m not just talking about romantic relationships, no; I’m talking about even family, work, all kinds of relationships. In the back of my mind, i was the ‘it girl’ yet this did not deter disappointment, hurt and pain from knocking on the door of my heart every once in a while.


Fast forward to May 2012, and I’m thankful to God (and life!) for those experiences. Like the one where I dated a guy just because he claimed he was a Christian, only to find out later that he just had an urgent ‘urge to merge’(think play dough or birds and the bees’, people!) or when I dated a guy only to later discover he was my baby sister’s age (yikes!). I know some of you are wondering where this is leading. ‘Act like a lady, Think like a man’. Yes, yes, yes ladies…I don’t just mean the book (which i have read twice since its initial release) or the movie (based on the book which was recently released Stateside) but really, what Steve Harvey is trying to communicate to us. Just in case, anyone reading this thinks I swear by some so-called rulebook by a reformed player; well, newsflash!  I don’t know the dude from Adam. But one thing I know for a fact is that nearly 80% of its content is true. I conferred with my best male friends, brother and even with my dad and they were in consensus on some of the issues highlighted in the book.  Ladies, please listen. It’s okay to be vulnerable in a relationship but for goodness sake, don’t be dumb. It’s okay to be all independent and all that (remember that Ne-yo song??) but overdo it, and you will lose your man to another woman who is ready and willing to be all he needs and wants.  Like Steve Harvey succinctly put it, ‘every man will do three things for his woman; he will profess (give u an official title other than just ‘hi, this is Elsie’), he will protect you and lastly he will provide for you.


   Personally, when it comes to relationships, the word I can utilise unashamedly is the word CHOICE! I believe that love is and will always remain a choice (although, again this is debatable). I believe that being alone does not always equate to being lonely and lastly you can never love someone else if you don’t know how to love yourself. So back to my days of naiveté, I realise that I made terrible choices on whom to give my heart to, purely because I didn’t love myself enough. That was then….the grown up, wiser me knows and loves herself like none other….and yes, this chicka is already taken.


Elsie Acheampong is a British-Ghanaian writer, poet and blogger. Her interests are in africa, christianity, fashion, art and african culture. She also has a personal blog on facebook called StrictlyFosuism…..can be contacted via facebook or email at



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    I’m a producer for the Steve Harvey show. We are looking for ladies who have read the Steve Harvey books, but may still have questions or new topics to discuss. I would love to give you the details over the phone. can you give me a ring on my work line? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Lydia Perez
    Advanced Associate Producer

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