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This piece right here is dedicated to all those who believe in originality. Those who believe in accepting themselves for all the things they are and are not. It is dedicated to the trailblazers, pace-setters, pioneers, even our ancestors (LOL)…..To those who feel that this piece will offend in any way, please spare yourselves and don’t read! Watch East-enders instead. But for those who would like to continue further, I promise all I’m going to say here will be nothing groundbreaking; just simple truths.


I was motivated to write this when I accidentally stumbled on a quote that read; ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken’. I must admit I was somewhat taken aback by the simplicity and yet the honesty of this statement. For some reason, it made me question my own originality. See, I know those of you who might say ‘Elsie, there’s nothing new or original under the sun’. And you know what? You’re 100% right. But that is not what I mean here. What I mean is finding your own unique identity and living it up to its fullest potential.


The world we live in today believes in conformity. You’re either white or black, no fifty shades of grey, y’all. If you’re of mixed race, that is black and white, in America, you are referred to as Black. Strange isn’t It? Like the white bit doesn’t count. The world believes in conformity so much that the first day you start primary school, you’re asked to wear a uniform. Before you know it, it becomes ingrained in an individual that to succeed, they have to be like the joneses. You’re insidiously coerced into dressing a particular way, talking with a ‘forced’ accent and for some people even rejecting their nationality. You pretty much end up denying the uniqueness God gave you the moment you were a seed. Sad isn’t it?


Here’s what I believe. I believe that God in His own wisdom designed each of us to be so unique that no two people would ever have the same DNA or finger print. So, people why again do we try so hard to be exact photocopies of others when we can be an original?


One of the biggest epiphanies I’ve had in the last few years is the fact that, no matter how hard I try, I can never be like anyone else but me. People often ask me why I don’t have my own blog or tumblr, why I don’t listen to Christian music 24/7, why I choose to do things that perhaps are not befitting of the kind of person I am.  The answer is simple. This is who I am and this is what makes me unique! Recently, I had a haircut (aka ‘big chop’) and suddenly people were calling me a naturalista and an afro centric girl. I found it incredibly upsetting because in as much as I love my hair, that was never the objective. Newsflash: I loved my hair before and after I cut my hair! I know that right now the trend for black women is to go ‘natural’ but honestly, if you’re happy with your Brazilian weaves and relaxed hair, why do you want to force yourself to be something you’re not? That said, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have ‘natural hair’. The question here is; are you doing it because it’s the current trend or because it affirms your individuality and uniqueness?


If you have read this piece till this point, I want you to genuinely answer these questions. What makes me unique? What am I trying so hard to change? Do I really accept me for everything I am and everything I’m not? Answering these questions should hopefully bring some enlightenment. Besides, we’re still in early 2013 so you can change. Tell yourself, that in 2013, you are going to be the best ‘you’ that you can be. No more trying to dress like others, sing like others, have hair like others or even blog like others (ajeii!). After all, there is one Beyoncé. Does the world really need another one? Think about it.


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