How to Make it in Africa/Ghana

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Yesterday I just had a long fascinating conversation with an older business man, here are a few things that stuck in mind.

1) Get experience when you are young, this is when you make others rich
2) Make yourself rich/comfortable by doing something you enjoy (your own business)
3) Sometimes in business money may not be the most important pay ( shares may be smarter in the long term)
4) In business one needs to have a good reputation to succeed
5) One needs access to the people that matter
6) Africa/Ghana is a patronage economy and the wealth is concentrated
7) Whats important is to visualise when or what you want to be and go for it
8) You never know what knowledge others (especially older people) have – network and use them

So how will i apply this to Kayobi and my life? Well the conversation has given me impetus to work harder, for one i have started blogging again and will be giving you guys better insights into the brand and what goes into making Africa’s best t-shirts. We hope this post as encouraged you to follow your dreams.

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