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How can one make a living without electricity ? Especially when you are a designer. I live in a country where we currently have 12 hours lights on 24hrs off if you are lucky and no you do not decide when the lights come on. You might be wandering where our SS 15 collection is or why your order to forever to arrive in Europe. Well aside from from my human failings ie. tiredness from day job and procastination the biggest culprit to any business in Ghana is the phenomenon known us ‪#‎dumsor‬ ‪#‎lightsoff‬ –‪#‎blackout‬ Dum in the Twi language means OFF and SOR means ON. Basically our inept Government and useless ECG power company switch our lives on and off at will. For a creative like myself who has a 9 -5 job and is most creative in the twilight hours or weekends it’s near impossible to be effective. You say what about generators ? Why can’t you be one of the so called smart businesses thriving mentioned by our dead goat syndrome president ?- (Google is your friend). Well luckily we have one, unluckily the diesel is not free and paying for a machine which not only makes noise, belches out smoke and unluckily for me sits a few meters from my room is not the best experience. Do you think Picasso could create masterpieces at 3 am in a hot Ghanaian room with windows closed to keep fumes and noise out I doubt it. My country is failing by the day. 

Dumsor Ghana


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