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Oh Chale T-shirt

  Vincent – Making them say Oh Chale – all the way in Holland – available on http:// or order in Ghana by phone 0208098569



  I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectation, no’…..It seems like yesterday when I first heard India Arie belt out these lyrics to her hit song; ‘I am not my hair’. Interestingly enough, if I remember clearly, that was the same year […]


Beauty, Colour and All things African- African Fashion Week, 2012

             To call myself a Fashionista on any ‘normal’ day in Elsie’s world would be huge overstatement. After all, my personal style is predominantly androgynous with staples such as white tees, skinny jeans, blazers and brogues. So you can imagine how anxious I felt about going to the Africa Fashion […]


The Bead Test

Right at the beginning of the year, i wrote an article about waist beads. The response i got from it was pretty overwhelming i must say but even more surprising were some of the comments i received. Some people seemed ‘annoyed’ that i was writing about something i have never […]


Kenya’s “spectaclar” self-made artist: Cyrus Kabiru

“Kanye West’s shutter shades ain’t got nothing on this„ If African originality, creativity, ingenuity and dopeness were enclosed in a diamond, Cyrus Kabiru would be a facet that reflects the essence of these ideals. Through his skillful hands, the transcendental principles materialize in the curved and angular lines of his […]


Trashy Bags: creating something from nothing

“God created man out of dust, Trashy Bags creates bags out of plastic waste„ Makola Market, Ghana, West Africa. Touring the largest market of the “Ɔdehye Ɔman Kronkron” you can feel the smells and the colours of Accra. The cadmium red of hot peppers, the strontium yellow of  Maame Serwaa’s […]


Strictly for the ladies

One of the things i love about Ghanaians is how they seem to have a reason for everything even if the reason given does not make sense at all. For instance, I once asked my Grandma, why people called all kinds of beverage tea. She simply replied, ‘that’s how we […]


A Sunday with les Sapeurs

In Accra they would be called “borgas” but in Brazzaville they’re known as “Sapeurs”. The Sapeurs are Congolese dandies whose life’s philosophy is translated into aestheticism and they represent a cultural affront to people of the older generation, who speak of authenticity and anti-colonialism. While the European fashion is moving […]



We are already in the festive mood and want to celebrate with you hence we are offering FREE shipping on all orders – YES ABSOLUTELY FREE   Simply use discount code XMAS to get free shipping your entire order – Just choose your favorite kayobi African inspired t-shirts for yourself […]


African inspired gift suggestion : Shoes

If you are looking for African inspired shoes or shoes with an African flair then look no further than the two brands below for your Christmas shopping Shoes MO SAÏQUE Classic and sophisticated shoe designs mixed with a touch of femme fatal. Ohema Ohene Ohema Ohene’s mission is […]


African inspired gift suggestion : Bags

Here are two cool African inspired bags that will make excellent Christmas gifts. African fashions has truly come of age. KUA Designs K.U.A means:  “Keeping Us Authentic”.  Her designs are captivating, embodied with colors that are magnetic and creatively mixed.   Senga K Designs   Unique & […]


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