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The Price Tag

Just recently one of my male friends proposed to his long-time girlfriend. It was one of the best news I’d heard in months. After all, after dating for five years or so, there was always this unspoken silence whenever he and fiancée came around for any social gathering that included […]



      There was a time in my life, when i used to describe myself as a rookie when it came to matters of love. I was naive, unsophisticated and pretty much dumb about relationships. I’m not just talking about romantic relationships, no; I’m talking about even family, work, all kinds […]


The Bead Test

Right at the beginning of the year, i wrote an article about waist beads. The response i got from it was pretty overwhelming i must say but even more surprising were some of the comments i received. Some people seemed ‘annoyed’ that i was writing about something i have never […]


How to print the Perfect T-shirt

Have you ever wandered how our t-shirts are printed and why kayobi shirts  always look vibrant and perfect? Well today is you lucky day because we have produced a behind the scences video of  our screen printing process. The video features Gliffix printing the Classic ‘Make Fufu Not War’ t-shirt. […]


Chic Afriq Summer Sale

Kayobi in conjunction with Precise Marketing have gladly invite you to the Fashion Sale of the Summer: The Chic Afriq Summer Sale What is Chic Afriq? Chic Afriq is a sale event dedicated to showcasing the best of Afrocentric clothing and accessories and other products and services. Taking place on Sunday, […]


Kayobi Competition on Vox Africa

Hi people  Kayobi  in conjunction with Vox Africa are giving away a T-shirt if you speak french don’t miss out on this competition. Hey Vox Africa in conjunction with Kayobi are giving away a T-shirt if you speak french don’t miss out on this competition. Peace Kwabena


Kayobi Summer events Recap – Streetfest

As some of you may know Kayobi turned two years on 08/08/10 and this Summer has been our busiest ever with regards o festivals and events. Here is a recap of what we have been up to starting of with Streetfest which was our first major UK streetwear event. Other […]



GHANA – SUDAN- HILIGHTSUploaded by petebrown60. – More professional, college and classic sports videos.




African FOOD is GOOD

Just had Kenkey with fried Egg, Corned Beef, Shito and Onions + Vimto HMMM i Cant MOVE


Awaken by his GRACE

I am up and soaking some GOSPEL for my SOUL


''Bitch'' moves…haters….saints..

u ever seen that scene off boyz in the hood..where cuba gooding junior comes home late to see his chic nia long…and he is so frustrated he is crying and swinging the air? swingin and muttering and crying and sobbing..if u have no emotions or jus walked in he looks […]


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