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Nike Celebrates Black History Month. Be Bold. Be True.

We are loving the Nike Black History Month add, especially the African tribal art infused in it.   Have a look at it and tell us what you think.



«It always seems impossible, until it is done» (Nelson Mandela)  Would our nation’s father, Nelson Mandela, have spent 27 years in prison if he had access to the same technology, social media platforms, instant sharing apps and global monitoring tools as we do today? It’s a question asked by Prezence Digital. […]


Cynthia Eyram Ofori-Dwumfuo: Drowned by the noise of stereotypes

“People think that Africa’s synonymous to charity” (Blitz The Ambassador) What do Liberians, Ivoirians, Ugandans, Mozambicans and Egyptians have in common? All their stories are going to unheard, drowned by the noise of stereotypes and depicted as one single thing, minimizing the beautiful complexity of Africa (a 2304p video watched […]


The Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project

“But I can rest only for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not yet ended.” (Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela) While some of us are still arguing if Idris Elba is the right actor to play Nelson Mandela, Google […]


Dr. Yaba Blay: “The Obroni Factor”

 “Free your mind, colonial mentality” Racism, “euphemism” for White supremacy, is one of the most misunderstood concept of our society. According to Africana Studies Scholar Dr. Yaba Blay, it’s not a problem of some individuals but the foundation upon which modern society has been built. The foundation of a social hierarchy […]


Malcolm X in Ghana

“I don’t feel that I am a visitor in Ghana or in any part of Africa. I feel that I am at home.” (Malcolm X at University of Ghana, Legon. May 13, 1964) February 21st  marks the anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination. On this day, 47 years ago, the fiercest […]



Sankofa So for the record, I’m in Ghana. I’m sitting rather uncomfortably at the food court section of the Accra mall waiting for one of my favourite friends in the world; Yaw to show up for our lunch ‘date’. But he’s late….two hours to be exact! I thought he knew […]


Brazil a racial paradise? – Video

A very interesting look at race in Brazil Watch the full episode. See more Black in Latin America.


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