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What does Steve Jobs, P Square, Samsung and Azonto have in common? – The art of copying well.

The Ghanaian genre/dance Azonto has taken the world by storm with millions of youtube hits and everyone and their mum making videos of themselves dancing Azonto. However anything that gains followers will also gain copy cats and in this instance the copying comes from non other that Ghana’s bigger neighbour […]


Kayobi is taking part in social me

I will be taking part in Social Media Week Lagos on the Change Makers panel with Gabrielle Smith Roxanne L. Scott & Patrica Patton Who’s coming to Lagos? Our creative director Kwabena Oppong Boateng will be on the panel and will be bringing his experience with kayobi, Ghana Decides and Nkanee to the table. Are you […]


The Bead Test

Right at the beginning of the year, i wrote an article about waist beads. The response i got from it was pretty overwhelming i must say but even more surprising were some of the comments i received. Some people seemed ‘annoyed’ that i was writing about something i have never […]



                     It’s been more than a few weeks since i returned from Ghana. My heart has been aching real badly. It seems to me that every time i decide to do any trips with soul-searching in my mind, i come back completely different. This situation is no different. My […]


Fresh African Music


Kayobi joins the Mile High Club

Not really -But we recently got featured in Wings Magazine which is the inflight Magazine of Arik Air. Arik Air is a Nigerian airline operating a domestic, regional and international flight network. So why is this a big deal?                         […]


Kayobi in Big Cakes Brothers in Africa Video

Those who know me from my high school days may remember that I was a big fan of hip hop and at some point in time I even wanted to be a radio DJ at University – Racism made sure that dream died an early death. Anyway this post is […]


Watch Afrikan Boy – Lagos Town _ FRESH

MORE NWA’s – NEW WORLD AFRICANS Afrikan Boy – Lagos Town from afrikanboy on Vimeo.


Why Naija (Nigeria) must GO (forward)

Ghana protests bashing by Nigerian officials Below is a letter from the Ghana High Commission in Nigeria to a Nigerian newspaper, appealing to Nigerian government officials to refrain from spreading falsehood about Ghana. SIR: I am compelled to write to express serious concern about a couple of statements by some […]


Wahala video magazine – Heavy

When Wahala hits the airwaves, the world is invited to the party! Featuring on location interviews with artists, live performances and most importantly, the best music videos coming out of the Motherland and the Diaspora… Hosted and produced by versatile Rwandan born DJ and cultural activist Eric Soul […]


Who is Kayobi Clothing

Who is Kayobi?Kayobi – pronounced (K – OW – B) is an apparel and accessories company created to ¬ tell the African story and that of the Diaspora through positive, vibrant and thought provoking imagery.What’s in a name?The word ‘Kayobi’ translates from Japanese as ‘Tuesday’, this is in reference to […]


I am Diging NNEKA"s MUSIC right right now


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