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The Price Tag

Just recently one of my male friends proposed to his long-time girlfriend. It was one of the best news I’d heard in months. After all, after dating for five years or so, there was always this unspoken silence whenever he and fiancée came around for any social gathering that included […]



This piece right here is dedicated to all those who believe in originality. Those who believe in accepting themselves for all the things they are and are not. It is dedicated to the trailblazers, pace-setters, pioneers, even our ancestors (LOL)…..To those who feel that this piece will offend in any […]



  I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectation, no’…..It seems like yesterday when I first heard India Arie belt out these lyrics to her hit song; ‘I am not my hair’. Interestingly enough, if I remember clearly, that was the same year […]



      There was a time in my life, when i used to describe myself as a rookie when it came to matters of love. I was naive, unsophisticated and pretty much dumb about relationships. I’m not just talking about romantic relationships, no; I’m talking about even family, work, all kinds […]



   Just recently, my god brother was born. It’s been one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had so far this year. I like to fuss around him; i treat him he is made of pure gold. When he yawns, i smile really big and when i hold him, it’s […]


Black men cant SKI – yeah right

I am so proud of Kwame from GHANA who against all ODDS and no support from the GHANA Government or media has made it to the winter olympics in the unlikely sport of skiing – Yes say it loud -COOL RUNNINGS – Knick Named the SNOW LEOPARD – she sure […]


Happy New Year from Ghana Hype and Kayobi

Happy New Year people – Decisions Determine Destiny – I hope we make the RIGHT moves and decisions in 2010 New Beginings YALLLLLL


Back Soon for the 2008

Hi sorry i have not been updating the site since i moved to Ghana, its been because i have not had internet access at home and I have been bogged down with house work such as supervising my little brothers and trying to rehabilitate my car. I would like you […]



whats up folks – writing this from a ”mansion’ in alpine in New Jersey with all the inspiration and brains around me I have come to the realisation that i have been slippin with my blog, my jobs prospects and my dreams. When one wakes up to this reality, then […]



I would like to welcome Fred D JNR to the Ghana Hype Family. He was my Junior at GIS and he had a fair amount of hassle from me (apologies) but I believe he has a bright future and allot to offer for a young man with business aspirations and […]


Notting Hill carnival 2007 Part 2

Here is a short video of London School of Samba at the Carnival – They tore it DOWNEnjoy


Whats going ON?

Things have been a bit slow around here, but we should be moving on soon with some new interviews and some events and a write-up on Assimilation and Multicultralism.Will also be focusing more on the joys of living in London and the things I see on a daily basis. What […]


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