I have been taking Pictures of people sleeping mostly on trains and buses for some time now and I have amassed a little exhibition called ”Sleep is the Cousin of Death” if you want an explanation holla.I know u guys will enjoy all the beauty and stupid looks of people […]


Some Pictures I have taken over the months. This is just to give u an idea of what I am into. I hope u enjoy them. I will be posting more individual themed pictures soon. Please let me know what u think.



Sorry folks virus got my Comp so had to clean it up but I am back for GOOD nowWill be posting some pics of what I see on a daily basis in LONDON – ‘The STREETS are WATCHING PROJECT’Thanks for stopping by.


Crazy Day in Parliament

The HUB Yep I made it, I got my lazy ass out of Bed and got to work on time. The chap who kind of supervises us was on holiday so the office was being run by myself and Micheal an IRISH confused, irritable though good person, Labour party faithful, […]



Dont you just hate those mornings when u have to drag yourself out of bed to work. This morning was no exception, I have committed myself to an internship at parliament and this morning not even the glitz and glamour of the old castle could get me out to work. […]


In the begining there was Ghana

and the there was Hype


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